Opportunity for Oral History interviews in Sheffield and South Yorkshire

A student researcher has gotten in touch with us regarding some research she’s doing on the industrial past and protest in Sheffield and South Yorkshire – see Emma’s information and call for participants pasted below:

** Sheffield Women’s History Project**
Did you participate in South Yorkshire’s industrial past? Were you involved in political action or protest in the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s? Did the decline of industry in South Yorkshire affect your life in a significant way? Would you like to take part in an oral history interview?

My name is Emma Partridge and I’m a third year History student at the University of Glasgow. I’m currently conducting research about the impact of de-industrialisation on women in Sheffield and South Yorkshire for my undergraduate dissertation.
I’m interested in speaking to women in Sheffield and South Yorkshire about their experience of industrial decline in the city. My research will focus on the role of women in political action against factory closure and its impact on their lives and aspirations.
You do not need to have been directly involved in industry or in political action – I am interested in the memories of South Yorkshire’s women about social and political processes, changes that occurred in the city, and how women value these changes.
If you are interested in participating in my research, or have any questions about the work please contact me at: 2075139P@student.gla.ac.uk.
I look forward to hearing your stories!”

If you’re interested in getting involved with Emma’s project please contact her at the email address she provides!

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